Growing Herbs Indoors

Grow Herbs Indoors / The DayOne Gear BlogHerb gardening is a great hobby to have even if you’re not into the whole “tilling up the land” kind of gardening. Gardening is therapeutic, and if you’re growing herbs, you can do some amazing things with them.

From seasoning your food to making a sensational smelling potpourri, this cheap hobby will actually save you money at the grocery store! If you’re not sure what herbs to start with, check out my article on The 5 Easiest Herbs to Grow. Just realize, there are tons more herbs to be grown!

What I didn’t cover in that article is that you can actually grow herbs indoors! That’s right! You can have a thriving herb garden right in your own kitchen… or sun room… or living room… heck, put it anywhere you like. If you don’t have the room outside, or just want to spruce up the inside of your home a little, herb gardening is a wonderful idea! You also won’t have to worry about deer, rabbits or squirrels eating your herbs, either. Growing herbs indoors works well for many reasons:

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