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ExtremeBeam SAR7 Military Black 450' Range

Quick Overview

Although the S.A.R. 7 may be able to fit in nearly any pocket, its power and durability is anything but small. By utilizing ExtremeBeams SuperFusion? reflecting technology, the S.A.R. 7 is able to project a hotspot of light and soft flood as far as 450 feet, much farther than many flashlights three times its size. The S.A.R. 7 features a non-glare black stealth coat just like many of ExtremeBeam's full-size Sport-Tac flashlights. This tiny titans is also made to take a beating. Not only is it fitted with a scaled-down version of ExtremeBeams proprietary Anti-Recoil? System, but the brilliantly engineered reflecting cone serves to transfer heat away from the bulb and protect the fragile internal workings from muzzle blast when weapons-mounted. The S.A.R. 7 is integrated with BalancedBeam? Technology to consistently deliver unmatched light casting ability, ruggedness and an extended runtime to users when they need it. It also has a HikeBack feature that automatically dims the light when batteries are low, giving users enough time to return back to safety and not be left in the dark without notice. Specifications: - Modes: On-Off - Anti-Recoil? System (5.56 cal - .45 ACP) - Waterproof to 30 feet - SuperFusion? Technology (precision textured reflecting cone) - Weight (with battery): 58.6 grams (2.1 ounces) - Total Length: 80.12mm (3.15 inches) - Width: 21.59mm (.85 inches) - Light Performance: 3500LUX at 1 meter - Light Volume: 130 Lumens - Light Projection: 137 meters - Average Run Time: 1 hour - Battery Type: One 3.0 or 3.6 volt CR123 Batteries - Batteries included

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UPC 609728916992
Manufacturer ExtremeBeam