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  • Mayday Heat Stress Kit - 16 Pieces - KT-HS Mayday Heat Stress Kit - 16 Pieces - KT-HS

Mayday Heat Stress Kit - 16 Pieces - KT-HS

Quick Overview

  • Protection from the sun
  • Protects a person from intense heat
  • Water and edible electrolytes to combat dehydration

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Mayday KT-HS 16 Piece Heat Stress Kit
Whether you're enjoying outdoor sports or just protecting yourself in case your car breaks down, the Mayday KT-HS 16 Piece Heat Stress Kit is a great way to protect yourself or others from dehydration, heatstroke, and other negative effects of extreme heat. It offers ways to protect yourself from the radiation of the sun as well as rehydrate if necessary. Keep one in your car or take it with you on any outdoor adventure for extra safety and useful resources.

Protection from the sun
Whether you're going to get help for a broken down vehicle or you're out hiking in extreme heat, protective clothing is an absolute must to prevent heatstroke and other issues. This kit comes with a one size fits all sun hat with a neck flap that can be used to prevent sunburns and dehydration. The kit also has a bandana neck cooler which can be combined with the instant cooling packs and water packs to create a cooling accessory that keeps you from overheating all day long.

Instant cold water
With 6 packs of drinking water and two instant ice packs, you can have cold water quickly and easily no matter where you are. Simply pour your water into the one liter container and place an activated ice pack inside to get instant fresh, cold water for use in drinking or cooling. It's the ideal way to keep cool in any situation.

  • Rehdyrates
  • Keeps you cool
  • Protects you from the sun's radiation
  • Portable with bag
  • Instant cooling

Rehydrates with electrolytes
If you or someone else is dehydrated, take advantage of the included Sqwincher Quik Stiks. When mixed with water, these drinks will provide important electrolytes which are necessary for rehydrating someone with symptoms of heatstroke. It is ready in a matter of minutes and can make a huge difference when you're stuck in the middle of extreme heat.

Great for the outdoors or the car
This kind of kit is great for a wide variety of situations. It's ideal for bringing along on hikes or other outdoor activities in case of issues with extreme heat due to weather or other conditions. You can also keep one in your car in case your car breaks down in an area without much protection from the sun.

Full list of included items:
2 - Instant Ice Packs, 2 – 6 packs of Mayday Drinking Water, 1 - Perfect Cooling Towel, 1 - Sun Hat, 1 - Bandana Neck Cooler, 2 - Sqwincher Quik Stik's, 2 - SPF 30 Foil Packs, 1 - Hand Cloth Towel, 1 - Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mayday