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Short Stem Black Berkey® purification elements 2 pack for Go Berkey® system

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Short Stem Black Berkey elements for the Go Berkey system. These two Black Berkey® Purification Elements are more powerful than any other gravity filter element currently available, dramatically improving their ability to remove unwanted contaminants (SET OF TWO).

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Black Berkey® purification elements are so powerful, they can remove food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other filtration element can duplicate this performance. The powerful Black Berkey® purification elements also remove or reduce viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, cloudiness, silt, sediment, heavy metals, foul tastes and odors, yet they leave in the healthful and beneficial minerals that your body needs.

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Manufacturer Berkey