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Solar Power Backpacks

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  1. Wise 5 Day SOLAR Survival Backpack

    Introducing the Wise Company 5-Day SOLAR Powered Survival Backpack. The first backpack that provides survival supplies, solar power, and long term food products all in one backpack. The Solar panel provides a charge to any device, such as a GPS or phone through a USB port. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, college student, or simple emergency preparedness.


    • SOLAR POWER BOAST 1 Hour of sunlight = 20% Smartphone charge
    • 32 TOTAL SERVINGS (Including Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Brown Sugar Cereal, Creamy Pasta, Southwest Beans and Rice, Hearty Tortilla Soup, and Whey Milk)
    • 5 X 4.227 FL. OZ. WATER POUCHES
    • PORTABLE STOVE (Including Fuel Tablets)
    • 42 PIECE FIRST AID AND HYGIENE KIT (Including 37 Piece Bandage Kit, N95 Dust Mask, Pocket Tissues, 3 Wet Naps and Waste Bag)
  2. Voltaic Systems Fuse 4W Solar Power Charger and 3,000mAh Battery - 1021

    The Fuse 4W Solar Charger is a lightweight way to add solar and battery power to any bag. It connects in seconds to bags, tents, bicycles and pretty much anyplace else you might need solar power. 4 Watts of Solar Power: 1 hour in sun = 3 hours talk time Battery: Up to 19 hours talk time or 48 hours music playback Attachment System: Mulitple ways to attach to bags
  3. Voltaic Systems Switch 4W Solar Bag and 3,000mAh Battery - 1027

    Stash and charge your smartphone, Kindle and camera along with the day's essentials in this lightweight solar travel bag. The included battery means you can charge up anytime, anywhere. 4 Watts of Solar Power: 1 hour in sun = 3 hours talk time Battery: Up to 19 hours talk time or 48 hours music playback
  4. Voltaic Systems OffGrid 4W Solar Backpack and 3,000mAh Battery - 1010

    The OffGrid 6W Solar Backpack will provide some serious power to your smartphone, tablet, and other USB devices. A padded laptop sleeve, dual side pockets, and specially lined sunglasses slot will make sure all your gear is in order before you head out the door. Better yet, the front solar charger is removable - letting you take this 6 Watt system anywhere.


    • Removable charging section
    • Padded laptop sleeve, large main storage compartment and plenty of convenient storage for cables, adapters and tablets
    • Fabric made from recycled PET (soda bottles) is waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant

    Size and Weight

    • 18" high x 12"wide x 8" deep (46cm high x 30cm wide x 21cm deep)
    • 4.5 lbs (2.05 kg) including battery and solar panels

    Solar Panels

    • 6.15 Watts at 6
    • Waterproof and UV resistant panels with urethane coating

    V15 USB Battery

    • Capacity: 4,000mAh, 15 Watt Hours
    • Output: 5V/1A USB
    • Input: 5-6V, 1A
    • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
    • Protection: Short Circuit, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temperature
  5. Voltaic Systems Converter 4W Solar Backpack and 3,000mAh Battery - 1025

    Available in Silver, Charcoal and Orange. The Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack is a streamlined bag for commuting and short trips. With 4 Watts of power, it will quickly charge all your handheld electronics. A padded laptop sleeve and sizable front pocket keeps everything secure and in easy reach. 4 Watts of Solar Power: 1 hour in sun = 3 hours talk time. Battery: Up to 19 hours talk time or 48 hours music playback.
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5 Item(s)