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Quake-Kit Ultimate Earthquake Survival Kit

Quick Overview

A floatation capsule survival kit engineered for rapid-fire deployment, this kit is ready to respond in times of emergency – even when you are not. The Kit provides important needs such as food, clean water, light, communications, first aid, warming blankets and flotation. Designed by engineers in Canada, this sleek, compact unit stores neatly in closets, car trunks or under furniture. As the people who were struck by hurricane Sandy in the eastern United States and the victims of the great tsunami of 2011 have learned, preparation can save lives and reduce the level of harm from natural disasters. Experts continue to urge us to be prepared for natural disasters and other critical events where the usual facilities and provisions suddenly become unavailable. Whether it’s an earthquake, storm, flood or severe weather condition causing loss of power, water and communications, this kit assures that you are prepared. Comes with a comprehensive first aid kit, survival essentials kit, flashlight/radio mobile phone charger, 3600 calorie food ration and water filter.

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Quake-Kit is the best survival kit on the market. It arrives as a capsule that contains everything you need to survive an emergency or natural disaster. Quake-Kit is delivered fully assembled. Here’s how it works:

  • Twist off caps at either end of the Kit.
  • Detach the 2 halves of the Kit and remove the items inside.
  • Invert the 2 halves and fit them together so the water filter half is on top.
  • Fill the water storage compartment with up to 6 litres of water. Use the water tap to pour the water.
  • Keep items dry by storing them in the other compartment.

A survival kit engineered for rapid-fire deployment, Quake-Kit is ready to respond in times of emergency—even when you’re not. The emergency supplies you need when your home and your family are at risk from earthquakes, extreme climate or other critical events, are now easy to access and use. In disaster and emergency situations, the essentials you take for granted could be unavailable for days at a time. Getting prepared for emergencies isn’t scary—it’s just smart. How well you and your family survive and endure after a critical event, and the after affects such as loss of water, food, power, communication, heat and high ground, depends on how well you’re prepared now.

Quake-Kit Features

Water Filtration

When a natural disaster strikes, you can find yourself without clean drinking water. The average person can only live 3-5 days without water. But with Quake-Kit, you can turn untreated water into drinking water! Quake-Kit contains a water filtration system you can take with you wherever you go.


Floods are one of the most common natural disasters. In capsule mode, Quake-Kit functions as a water floatation device. It keeps a person afloat while keeping the contents inside dry.


In emergency situations, it’s important to stay dry. With Quake-Kit, you can store your supplies inside. The water-resistant compartment keeps the contents dry. Quake-Kit is also lightweight, so you can easily take it with you everywhere.

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